First post, here we go……

Hello all, I’m a 32 year old avid cyclist, community bike group leader, commuter and occasional school bus (Xtracycle) driver.  I love using my bikes to get to a destination and/or complete a task, I find it to be the most rewarding reason to ride a bicycle.

I started riding bicycles much like most boys did in their childhood, jumping ramps built from plywood and bricks (not the safest), and cruising the neighborhoods with siblings and friends.  In middle school and early high school I did a little recreational BMX that quickly evolved into mountain biking.  That all got left in the dust when I turned 16 and got the coveted drivers license and car that all kids at that age want.  For the next several years my hobbies included cars and motorcycles, until my motorcycle accident in mid 2010, which forced me back on a bicycle for rehabilitation reasons.  Since 2010 I’ve been a committed cyclist and have made cycling a part of mine and my families every day life.

I hope you’ll come join me on my travels through my suburban cycling world.


3 thoughts on “First post, here we go……

  1. That is a great start, nice writing…definitely miss the days of Mongoose & GT and makeshift ramps. We must be in the same age group and enjoyed the same music too! Who knew! 😉

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