I need to run a few errands, want to join………

Dave, my friend and fellow co-leader of Bike Friendly Mid-Cites and I had some BFMC business to take care of this morning, but plans got changed, so……………”I need to run a few errands, want to join?”

Dave and his son Sean met me at my house, with plans to ride to downtown Ft. worth. I needed a tube, shifter cable and needed to drop off some bike related items with my friend Julia who works downtown.

We set out for downtown riding straight into a 20mph wind, it wasn’t optimal conditions, but we were on bikes right? Once we made it downtown, we stopped to give the guys at Trinity Bicycles a much needed razzing. I purchased my items, and made arrangements for my friend Julia to pick her stuff up there later in the day.

We decided since we were downtown we’d need to partake in a burger and beer at Fred’s Texas Cafe, but they didn’t open until 11am. So, off to Fort Worth Bike Sharing (where Dave and I have both volunteered) to give them a much needed razzing.




We hung out at the Bike Sharing headquarters for a while, talked shop, discussed their 1 year anniversary, then departed for Fred’s Texas Cafe in hopes to beat the lunch crowd.

Fred’s was nice enough (and we’d beat the lunch crowd) to let us park our bikes inside the patio area while we dined.


After closing our tabs, and finishing off the last of our beer, we needed to get moving home. I needed to be home fairly soon to pick up my eldest child from school. Good thing that 20mph wind was now mostly at our backs.


As we made our way back through downtown on our route home, the wind decide it wanted to blow at us from any and all directions and seemed to do just that on our entire route home. Not what we had hoped for, but again we were on bikes right?


Turned out to be a great substitute ride. I got a few errands knocked off the list, got in 40ish miles and exercised the wind legs. Good ride!


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