A special Sunday outing………….

We started our day with a ride to church. Our 9 month old Colton doesn’t have a helmet yet and would probably be quite cranky riding with the multiple stops we had planned, so he and momma drove.



Our church is cool enough that they let us park the Edgerunner inside, and enter and exit through the ultra secret side doors. Hopefully they’ll have us some bike racks soon. I’d rather lock it up outside on a rack, where others can see that it’s totally cool to ride your bike to church.


After service we rode over to Nana and Papaws house for Easter lunch and shenanigans. The weather was so nice, a slight breeze and very mild temps. (Sorry, no pics of our front yard lunching)

We wrapped up our lunch with Nana and Papaw, loaded the bike and headed south to wind through old Smithfield. As we passed through Smithfield, we picked up the Cotton Belt Trail and headed back east to Dink and YaYa’s place for even more shenanigans and an early dinner.





Surprise, surprise, Colton’s Easter basket contained a bright and shiny new infant helmet. We ended our day with Colton’s first ride on back of the family fun wagon. He’s a natural!



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